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Do Waist Trainers Work? Check Out

There is so much whirr about waist cinchers. Everyone wants to try them because they provide an easier way getting a slimmer waist. As celebrities like Khloe’ Kardashian and Amber Rose continue to inspire women around the world on using waist trainers to achieve that curvaceous hourglass shape, many are still not sure if waist trainers actually work. Let’s be real. It’s not easy to shed off that extra weight leave alone achieving an hourglass shape. Many women are already choked with the daily gym exercises and workout plans as their results are slow. When Kim Kardashian used latex waist cinchers to regain her shape after the pregnancy, every woman out there wanted to try this new trick. But there is already a lot of stereotypic content and myths about waist training that is giving people a second thought. Here, we will try to elaborate more about how waist trainers work.


These garments are designed for everyone and they are not only meant to re-sculpt your body but they can permanently change your silhouette. While losing weight only interests some women, about 99% of ladies would like to have an hourglass shape. Because most people don’t find enough time for workouts to achieve a tiny waist, waist cinchers have proved to be the best alternative to workouts. If you are not sure whether to start using these trainers or not, this article will probably make you come to your decision. We’ll discuss the core concepts of waist trainers, who should use them, how effective are they and the available types alongside with their costs. Read on to know if waist cinchers and trainers are for you or not and if they are worth trying.


Understanding Waist Training

Traditionally, waist training involves the use of steel boned corsets to shrink one’s torso area. The corsets pull in floating ribs alongside with tummy fat so as to reduce the circumference of the waist. When one cinches the corset from one button to another the waist trainer slims the waist more.

But recently, female celebs have changed the game by introducing the use of latex waist (plastic boned) cinchers during workouts. Steel boned corsets are tough and uncomfortable while the plastic boned latest waist cinchers are soft and comfortable to wear. It’s advisable to alternate the two during your workouts so that you can train for more hours without feeling irked. The sole purpose of waist training is to make the torso area smaller by working the front, as well as, the lower abdominals and obliges. The concept is to strengthen the muscles to flatten your tummy and create a slimmer waist. Waist trainers basically use the science of thermogenics to maximize the effect of your routine activities by creating thermal pockets that help stimulate “breathing” at your core.The resultant figure is an hourglass silhouette. The effect may be semi-permanent but if coupled with workouts and observing proper diet, the effect can become a permanent one. This will give you your dream shape.



How Waist Trainers Work

These waist shapers or waist tamers, as some people would like to call them, stimulate perspiration around the waist area. This will help you sweat more during your workout exercises. Sweating more means losing more water in your body. This is the reason why some people claim that weight loss due to waist training is just water weight loss and not fat loss. What they fail to tell you is that when you lose more sweat, it means your body is metabolizing more. That means burning off more calories and fats. No one gains weight by drinking water and no loses weight by avoiding water intake. In fact, most weight loss experts and dietary experts advise you to be drink lots of water because dehydration is can slow down the weight loss process. We all know from the basic biology that sweat will help remove some toxins in your body that wouldn’t be detoxified by the liver.


Many people have already posted online that corsets are a health hazard. Yes, the old traditional corsets had tons of health issues. The 21st century cinchers are designed and made with materials that have minimal to no health effects at all. When they are used as recommended, the latex-based corsets won’t cause any health issues. There has been confusion between the antiquated steel boned, tough corsets with the modern day soft corsets. For you to better understand this, let’s see the benefits and the setbacks of using the modern day waist shapers.


Benefits of Waist Trainers

· They help you maintain a correct posture during your workouts and hence they help in alleviating back problems

· Waist trainers will instantly give you that hourglass figure you’ve been dreaming of all along.

· They double the effect of your workout and dietary plans helping lose more fat in the abdominal area

· Waist cinchers are made with thermal pockets that help increase the rate of perspiration, a process that burns more calories

· You can wear them on your daily routines to give you an hourglass figure making you sexy and confident all day long

· It inspires you and those around you because you finally have that shape that is every woman’s dream.


On the downside, waist trainers;

Tend to be uncomfortable especially at your start but with time, you’ll get used to them. Some people would have difficulty in breathing especially when they bend or stretch. If you have breathing-related health conditions, please let your doctor clear you before you start using these cinchers. Also, some people will find the cinchers uncomfortably hot. And if you want to wear waist trainers the whole day, it means you’ll have to tweak your wardrobe a little bit as some clothes may reveal what you’re wearing.



So, What Next?

Let’s be clearer about the information posted by journalists and other health experts that there is proven and credible data that shows that corsets displace internal organs. This is disturbing information for anyone who would like to start using waist trainers. Yes, it’s true that the traditional steel boned corsets displace internal organs but the polyester/latex/rubber waist cinchers have nothing to do with this. Rubber waist trainers are elastic, flexible and agile and they don’t have to squeeze your organs to give you the shape that you want.


Because the effects and results of waist trainers are semi-permanent, you’ll have to include exercises alongside with proper diet to achieve that natural trimmed, curvy toned body. Feeling better and confident is directly linked to how you perceive yourself. The time you’ll look yourself in the mirror and you unbelievably realize that hourglass shape in front of you, is the time your spirit will be ignited. You will feel revamped and ready to explore the whole world. For an average American woman, there is little time dedicated to workouts and that’s why waist trainers will be ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight and tummy fat faster without having to undergo tons of endurance exercises.